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Walmart MoneyCard – Amex Serve Cash Back vs. FREE Reloads

Walmart MoneyCard – Amex Serve Cash Back vs. FREE Reloads

With over a single American Express Serve Card to pick from, you can choose which prepaid card works ideal for your requirements.

Here is a description of the Cash Back along with Free Reloads cards.

Prepaid cards give users the potential to stick to a particular budget and also, as a result, a lot more easily restrict the spending of theirs. They might work very well for individuals on a budget, however, they can additionally be a good option for teaching children about spending money.

Prepaid cards tend to be considered a less risky option than money because in case you lose the card, several have security measures that protect your account against theft. Plus, for a fair fee, you are able to generally switch the card without stress.

American Express provides more than one prepaid Serve card so owners can chose the card that actually works perfect for them. The American Express Serve® Cash Back and the American Express Serve® FREE Reloads are the two monthly fee options in Amex’s prepaid card fleet (whereas the $6.95 price for the basic Amex Serve card is waived when users direct deposit $500 or over during each monthly declaration period.)

Walmart MoneyCard – Amex Serve Cash Back vs. FREE Reloads

Walmart MoneyCard - Amex Serve Cash Back vs. FREE Reloads
Walmart MoneyCard – Amex Serve Cash Back vs. FREE Reloads


The 2 cards are identical, though the Cash Back provides rewards while the FREE Reloads card allows users in over 45,000 places in the U.S. and also Puerto Rico put money onto the card at no cost.

The way to add money to your card Both cards extend free direct deposit of paychecks and/or government benefits, but the FREE Reloads gives the convenience of letting users reload the card of theirs at no cost at participating locations including CVS, Dollar General and more.

With each cards, you are able to access part of or perhaps all of your paycheck up to 2 days before payday once you enroll within direct deposit. Both cards moreover provide mobile check deposits.

Users can send cash and receive money to other Serve users without difficulty through the mobile app.

Perks and rewards Through the site or maybe the mobile app, you can use free bill pay to send cash, or perhaps pay the bills of yours by composing a check on the web and American Express will mail it for your needs.

The cash transfer option makes it possible for users to send just about anyone across the fifty states as well as Puerto Rico cash to be ordered from participating Walmart locations. The daily transfer limit is $2,500 across every one of your Serve accounts. According to FintechZoom Fees are as follows:

  • $4.99 for each money transfer up to $50
  • $8.99 for every cash transfer of $50.01 1dolar1 1,000
  • $16.99 for each money transfer of $1,000.01 1dolar1 2,500

Bottom line Each of these cards includes an edge: in case you’re looking for money back rewards, the American Express Serve® Cash Back flash card is perfect for you. But if you handle a lot of cash and wish to make sure that you can very easily reload your card without needing to spend any fees then the American Express Serve® FREE Reloads flash memory card is a bit better suited to the needs of yours.

If you are planning to stay away from spending a monthly fee, you ought to take a look at the Bluebird by American Express flash memory card, that enables you to open subaccounts and also may be a good option for families.

If perhaps you are a regular Walmart shopper and would like to bank on rewards higher than one % money back then the Walmart MoneyCard might be a better match with 3 % money back on eligible along with in app Walmart purchases, 2 % cash back from Walmart fuel stations, and one % cash back at Walmart stores, up to $75 per year.

Walmart MoneyCard – Amex Serve Cash Back vs. FREE Reloads

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